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  • 2018年07月19日
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Successful Promotion in the Japanese Market 【BILCOM English Blog Vol.1】


こんにちは。ビルコムで学生インターンをしている西方健です。 私はビルコムのインターン生として、日本でのPRを考えている海外および外資系企業のみなさま向けの記事を、当社のブログとフェイスブック公式ページを通じて英語で配信していきます。 記事は主に日本のメディア・コミュニケーション事情の解説と日本でPRを成功させるうえで必要不可欠となる内容で構成されています。 外資系企業の中で少しでも日本のPR事情に対する理解が深まるよう全力で頑張っていきます!!


My name is Ken Nishikata and I am an intern at BILCOM, Inc. I am in charge of releasing articles through our company's official blog and Facebook page. These articles will serve as a communication tool as a means to connect and build new relations with customers from abroad. Moreover, its content will consist of crucial information regarding PR trends in Japan to successfully promote in the Japanese market.




Successful Promotion in the Japanese Market 
- Editorial calendars and localized marketing-

Successful businesses are those that effectively use editorial and marketing calendars as one of the foundations for their content marketing campaigns. It is not too much to say that a good editorial calendar is key to successful marketing content. Moreover, successful marketing content allows the business to accurately convey the theme of the content as well as clarify how the product or service will address that need. In order to prepare a marketing campaign that can truly influence or cause a significant impact in the Japanese market, businesses ought to understand that Japan has its own unique seasonal trends. Indeed, following and adapting to these unique trends and customs will allow the different businesses to deliver content to a specific target audience when most needed.

So, what are the seasonal trends and events take distinguish the Japanese market from the Western market? Below is a list of customs, trends and major events that take place throughout the year.


As depicted above, there are numerous seasonal events that take place throughout the year in Japan. By keeping track of the traditional Japanese calendar, businesses can potentially exploit the various opportunities hidden behind these trends and customs. Hence, to successfully promote in the Japanese market, it is crucial to plan and create in a strategic manner by meeting the customers' different needs that fluctuate according to the season.


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